Don’t let the overwhelming events of an ‘Automobile Accident’ keep you from getting the money you deserve. If you have been injured in an auto accident, we can help! The Law Office of J. Scott Wickland has served the Mohave County area for 18 years and recovered millions of dollars for clients. Located right on Route 66 in beautiful Mohave County, cruising around in our cars has become an absolute staple for our local culture. With beautiful weather, long highways and beautiful scenery; who would not want to be out enjoying the road and their vehicle? Unfortunately, statistics show us automobile accidents are also able to happen while not only on these scenic drives, but also when we are simply performing our daily errands. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you may be able to receive a monetary award for “Damages” that resulted from your involvement in an automobile accident.

These damages may include:

  • Pain and Suffering;
  • Loss of Wages;
  • Loss of Earning Capacity;
  • Medical Expenditures;
  • Property Damages; and
  • Punitive Damages (if applicable).

Although these are the possible damages that could be awarded, two very important factors must be able to be proven. (1) You must be able to prove that the damages were in fact related to the automobile accident. (2) The person must be entitled to recover the damages. Basically, you must be able to prove that the “at-fault” driver was negligent and that it was his/her negligence that caused the injured person’s damages and/or injuries. There are many steps to follow and factors to be considered when processing damage in an automobile accident. Determining causation, negligence, assumption of risk, liability, damages, and fault; can not only be difficult for the non-expert to attempt solely, but also completely overwhelming at times. Not to mention that without a knowledgeable accident attorney, you may not be getting offered the proper compensation from the involved insurance companies.

Due to the complexities associated with automobile accidents in processing damages, it is essential to consult with and retain an experienced attorney. By simply consulting with an experienced attorney, you will be better able to understand your rights as well as viability to process a claim against either the other party’s insurance company or your own. As the statue of limitation for injury cases are set at two years in most situations, it is also essential to contact an attorney that is knowledgeable in automobile accidents as soon after the accident as possible. You deserve the best care after an accident. Let us help you ensure you’re on the way back to your everyday life by contacting us today. No Obligation Initial Consultation!

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