In Arizona, insurance companies must offer the consumer the opportunity to purchase uninsured motorist coverage. What is uninsured motorist coverage? State law defines uninsured motorist coverage as coverage for damages due to bodily injury or death if the motor vehicle that caused the bodily injury or death is not insured by a motor vehicle liability policy. So, if you or a loved one are injured as a result of the negligence of an irresponsible and uninsured motorist, you should consult with legal counsel to discuss how to proceed with an uninsured motorist claim. Since you will be dealing with your insurance company, do not think that they will not defend the claim. They will have adjusters and lawyers on their side; you owe your benefit of an aggressive and experienced firm to assist you with your uninsured motorist claim.

It is important to know that uninsured motorist coverage is a portable coverage. This means that it follows you and your household members wherever they are injured; whether in a family auto, a neighbor’s auto, or simply walking down the street. The injuries must have been related to the operation, maintenance or use of an automobile. It will not apply, for example, if you are injured in a boat, or from falling off a roof.

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